2 Bay Rod Run – 2007

25th May 2007

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For the first time in a few years we decided to go with a one day rod run. We had started off trying to organize our usual 2-3 day event. Unfortunately due to the drought/water restriction the council wouldn’t let us use any of their parks or ovals. Ironically on the Friday and Saturday before the run Melbourne copped about 25mm of rain.

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The morning kicked off about 8am at speed parts in Narre warren a little bit cloudy, Due to the end of daylight saving, rodders where their bright and early to gobble up the egg and bacon sandwiches . Then wash it down with juice or coffee. Thanks to The Local Bakery for the eggs and bread and Commercial Wholesale Butchers for the bacon. We had about 80 rods cruise off from there towards Hastings.

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When the rodders pulled into Hastings on the shores of western port bay, they had three games to play and try to score some point for there observation run. Then they all piled back in the rods and headed towards Arthur’s Seat where they not only got one of the best views in Melbourne of Port Philip bay and the city but a free bag of apples from Edwards Orchards. Then the fight was on for the front seat as they headed down the picturesque Arthur’s seat rd to grab a lolly off Mrs. Mills at Murray’s look out then onto rosebud primary school.

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Once everyone was parked, it was time to check out the trade stands, grab something to eat from canteen and cop an eyeful of all the rods. While they were doing that the music played and product from our sponsors were given away via a raffle ticket that they picked up while they where at Arthur’s seat. Given the ASRF street rod nationals were only two weeks away we had figured we would see a few new or refreshed rods out for there first cruise and that we did. Dean Vannutini bought out his killer silver 33 ford coupe, taking home Top Closed. Peter and Janette Gregory bought there 34 ford tourer resto rod. They picked up Ladies Choice and Top Open and Merv Boorsma’s fabulous 55 Chevy coupe that hit our shores from the states only 3 weeks ago cruised home it his Top Custom trophy in the boot and I think we just might see all them doing a lot more kilometers in the future. After the trophies presentations the raffle continued with a lot of happy winners, and again a big thank you to all our sponsors for supplying such a great lot merchandise.

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Over all I think the day went pretty good and every one seemed to have a good time. I must give a special thanks to Tony Short and his team of mums at the Rosebud primary school for all there efforts in catering and giving us access to all the schools facilities

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Yours in rodding,
Dain Souter Rod Run Director

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